#90: Invited Dress Rehearsals



The excitement. The anxiety. The love of just being in the room. An invited dress rehearsal is a thrilling theatre tradition, made even more thrilling when under the Broadway magnifying glass. Hear Jenifer Foote, Linda Mugelston, and Tyler Hanes talk about their favorite moments from the day before previews begin, why they love attending, and what having the support of the Broadway community rooting for your success means to them.

Rehearsal Reports: Jessica Lea Patty #1



Bandstand is one of the exciting new musicals hitting Broadway this season, and we've got the inside scoop from ensemblist extraordinare Jessica Lea Patty! Listen in as Jess talks us through the rehearsal process, Equity meetings, and drops in some surprises from the band! 

#89: Theater Neighbors



We're flinging open the gates to the Broadway stage doors and situating you right in the middle of the theatre district! Join us, Tyler Hanes, Bre Jackson, and Paul HeeSang Miller as we walk you through Midtown Manhattan and tell you all the secrets of Broadway theatres! We've got shared stage doors, shared backstage space, a weekly Saturday night tradition, and more! 

Season Three Announcement!



Yay! Season Three is beginning, and we are over-the-moon excited to start talking about all the things that make the Broadway community the weird wonderful tapestry of humanity that it is. Take a listen to some more great stories from BroadwayCon, and hear a sneak peek into the topics we'll be covering over the next few months. We can't wait to share them with you. Enjoy!

The Ensemblist Unedited: Live From BroadwayCon, part 2



Ohhhhhh, hellllloooo.

We're back with another batch of great BroadwayCon Story Booth stories for you! Listen. Be moved. Fall in love with Broadway. Okay, fall even MORE in love with Broadway. We're in love with you. Wait, should we not have told you that so soon? Anyway....listen.

The Ensemblist Unedited: Live From BroadwayCon



We're excited to bring you one round of awesome stories from our BroadwayCon Story Booth! We sat down with fans and friends alike and talked to everyone under the sun about what the Broadway community means to them, why they love theatre, and everything in between. Enjoy!

The Ensemblist Live from BroadwayCon: Redefining Success on Broadway



Well, BroadwayCon was pretty incredible. And we're really proud of the panels we hosted there, so we wanted to share one of them with you beautiful nerds. Listen as we talk about huge life stuff: success, career longevity, maintaining sanity, and everything in between with Paloma Garcia-Lee, Kirsten Wyatt, Douglas Lyons, and Justin Greer. Please excuse the audio! Enjoy!

The Ensemblist Unedited: Hamilton Stories



Neil Haskell and Sasha Hutchings are amazing people with amazing things to say about their time in Hamilton. Listen on and enjoy!

The Ensemblist Unedited: Michael McElroy



It's another Unedited treat from us to you! Listen to Michael McElroy talk about RENT, Next to Normal, and his journey through them both. Enjoy!

The Ensemblist Unedited: South Pacific Stories



It's a little bonus Unedited treat to tide you over until next season starts! Listen to Eric Anderson and Maryann Hu talk about their experiences with the 2008 revival of South Pacific. Enjoy!

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