Spring 2016 Roundtable with Louis Peitzman



We wanted to subtitle this episode (a list of shows that made us all cry), but we knew it wouldn't fit all on one line, so we're putting it here.

It's our last episode of the season, friends! To celebrate the shows we saw and all the ensemblists therein, we brought our good friend, Buzzfeed's Louis Peitzman, into the studio to talk it out. And cry it out. And love on all things theatrical. Want to hear about what we saw during the Spring season, what we loved, who we thought deserved a special shout-out, and more? Well, listen and find out!

Unedited: Ensemblists Give Back



Ensemblists contain multitudes. Sometimes, those multitudes find ensemblists starting businesses and non-profit organizations in order to better serve all communities, and we think those ensemblists should be celebrated! So we brought two of these singing dancing do-gooding heroes back into the studio and had them talk about their extracurricular experiences. Hear Vasthy Mompoint of Broadway Babysitters and Dionne Figgins of Broadway Serves discuss their passions, and find out how you can get involved!

Audition Stories 2016



WE. LOVE. AUDITION. STORIES. You know that. Everyone's got great ones, and our guests are no exception: hear Laura Marie Duncan, Ray Lee, Krysta Rodriguez, Jessica Rush, Betsy Struxness, and Nicholas Ward spill the goods on getting those jobs. Enjoy!

#74: As Cast



We're taking another deep dive into contractual language today, but with a really fun twist. We talk a lot about the creation process of new musicals, but what is it that allows ensemblists to create all those characters? Do they like doing it? How are they paid for the work they do? Is there some sort of blanket catchall term that allows this to happen?


It's "As Cast." And if you don't know, now you know.

Our incredibly accomplished and super-cool guests Seán Martin Hingston, Vasthy Mompoint, and Anne L. Nathan take the plunge with us to figure all of this out, tell their own creation stories, and, as always, fold it all in to the magic of theatre. Enjoy!

Unedited: More Swing Stories



You know how we love a crazy swing story- and chances are, you love them too! We're taking that chance. Listen to Leslie Donna Flesner, Lauralyn McClelland, Rommy Sandhu, and Matt Wall share some good stories about their experiences swinging big shows on Broadway! Enjoy!

#73: Spotlight On: Associate/Assistant/Resident Directors



A new Spotlight! Wow, so many titles! Well, sort of. This week, we sit down behind the table (FINALLY!) and talk to three magical humans (Steve Bebout, Jen Bender, and Brandon Ivie) about their experiences on the directing side of a Broadway show. From pre-production to setting other companies, working with kids to anticipating a director's every move, these three have seen it all- and thankfully, they've shared it all with us! Enjoy.

The Ensemblist Unedited: Polly Baird and Phantom of the Opera



It's a bit of a different Unedited this week- with Phantom dance captain extraordinaire Polly Baird! She talks about her process going into the show as a teenager, how she worked her way up to shepherding the onstage business of such a legendary piece of theatre, and why the Phantom put-ins are different than you might think!

Rehearsal Reports: Sydney Morton #3



It's Sydney's last installment of Rehearsal Reports- we get a taste of life during previews, and a little wrap-up now that American Psycho is open, frozen, and out in the world. Thanks to Sydney for her awesome work, being her sunny self, and showing us a little piece of putting up a new Broadway show!

#72: Creating Characters



Sometimes, the most fun (and challenging) thing about ensemble work is playing all sorts of different characters throughout a single show! You can be anything from the fanciest royal personage to an anthropomorphic inanimate object and do a cross as a townsperson or two- all in the same day's work. We sat down with truly awesome Broadway ensemblists Jennifer Smith, Gabrielle Ruiz, and Jeremy Woodard and talked to them about how they like to create their characters, some memorable onstage experiences, and why it's so much fun.

Unedited: Broadway Debuts, pt.2



You know how we love our debut stories, and this latest crop of ensemblists definitely doesn't disappoint with theirs! Listen as J. Austin Eyer, Briana Carlson-Goodman, F. Michael Haynie, and Georgia Stitt share hilarious, embarrassing, touching, beautiful stories all about working on Broadway for the very first time.

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