#81: A Chorus Line



Well, friends, we've arrived. It's the ensemblist show of all ensemblist shows. With music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban and a book by James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante, A Chorus Line distills the experience of fighting for what you love, going after what you believe in, and being exactly who you are the whole time, no matter what. Universal themes, yes, but through a specific Broadway lens. Clearly, our love for this masterpiece runs DEEP. We sat down with Michael Berresse, Mara Davi, and Catherine Ricafort to talk about why this show is so special, so relevant, and so worthy of the Pulitzer. Enjoy!

#80: How To Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying)



Do you want all the secrets to climbing the ladder of success, creating a hit Broadway musical, and garnering tons of awards and accolades, all while challenging gender stereotypes, satirizing corporate culture, and making sure the audience leaves the theatre humming?

Look no further than How To Succeed. We sat down with Jeffry Denman, JoAnn Hunter, and Cleve Asbury, and they gave us the scoop on process, product, the evolution of Broadway revivals, and more. Enjoy!

#79: Fiorello!



We're jumping right into the Mayor's office with our next Pulitzer winner - Fiorello! - all about the life and career of one of NYC's most legendary mayors. Join us, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Kevin Ligon, and Kelsey Ryan Moore as we discuss satire, humor, artistic liberty, separating fact from fiction, and why we love NYC. Enjoy!

#78: Containing Multitudes, part 4



Can you believe we're on our FOURTH installment of the Containing Multitudes series? It's almost as if there are ENDLESS ways to balance a career in show business with outside passions, other creative pursuits, and giving back! We said endless. We didn't say they were easy. Take a listen as the utterly inspiring and amazing Catherine Ricafort, Michael Berresse, and Michael McElroy talk about the multitudes they contain, why they contain them, and what they do to strike the balance between artist and human.

Rehearsal Reports: Erica Dorfler #1



It's a new season full of new shows, and that means we're dusting off our binders, sharpening our pencils, grabbing our Equity highlighters (they're amazing, they erase.), and heading to rehearsal! And you know what rehearsal means in Ensemblist-land....

And this one is super-cool! We've got the multi-talented Erica Dorfler of Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812! She's gonna be breaking down the rehearsal process for us over the next couple of months, giving us the inside scoop on everything it takes to make this unique show's Broadway life happen. Enjoy!

#77: South Pacific



This week, we (and Jennifer Ashley Tepper) get into that brilliant and beautiful second Pulitzer-winning musical full of gorgeous songs, compelling characters, and important societal commentary: South Pacific. We're joined by Eric Anderson, MaryAnn Hu, and Kevin Ligon, all who have fascinating insight into what it takes to create characters based in reality, live with some uncomfortable history, and honor everyone's stories. Enjoy!

#76: Of Thee I Sing



We begin our journey into the history books this season with the first musical to ever be awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Drama - Of Thee I Sing. The show first premiered in 1931 to rave reviews, shining a satirical light on the electoral process and American politics. Join us, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Jeffry Denman, JoAnn M. Hunter, and Mara Davi to find out more about this great Gershwin show and its place in theatre and ensemblist history. Enjoy!

Season Two Intro: The History of the Ensemblist



Hey there, friends! We're back, we're rested, we're better than ever, and we're SO EXCITED to tell you all about our new season in this here Intro episode! Find out about what's inspiring us, what lies in store for our second full official season, and why we're obsessed with the Pulitzer Prize for Drama. Enjoy, stay tuned, and tell us what you think! We can't wait to embark on this journey with you.

Spring 2016 Roundtable with Louis Peitzman



We wanted to subtitle this episode (a list of shows that made us all cry), but we knew it wouldn't fit all on one line, so we're putting it here.

It's our last episode of the season, friends! To celebrate the shows we saw and all the ensemblists therein, we brought our good friend, Buzzfeed's Louis Peitzman, into the studio to talk it out. And cry it out. And love on all things theatrical. Want to hear about what we saw during the Spring season, what we loved, who we thought deserved a special shout-out, and more? Well, listen and find out!

Unedited: Ensemblists Give Back



Ensemblists contain multitudes. Sometimes, those multitudes find ensemblists starting businesses and non-profit organizations in order to better serve all communities, and we think those ensemblists should be celebrated! So we brought two of these singing dancing do-gooding heroes back into the studio and had them talk about their extracurricular experiences. Hear Vasthy Mompoint of Broadway Babysitters and Dionne Figgins of Broadway Serves discuss their passions, and find out how you can get involved!

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