#58: Live Show Highlights: St. James Songs and Stories



Hi! In case you missed it, we teamed up with Greg Young and Tom Meyers of The Bowery Boys to put on a really cool concert at 54 Below in September. We got in our time machines (yeah, we have time machines) and put the St. James Theatre in context throughout both Broadway and New York City's histories, from 1927 all the way to today.

Luckily, we didn't have to do it alone: we snagged some of our most fabulous ensemblist friends, all who have performed on the St. James stage, and had them sing music that premiered at the theatre- sometimes even music they premiered! Our amazing guests also told their favorite St. James stories, and we're here bringing those songs and stories to you. Plus, you may hear us do a little singing as well...enjoy!

Our Guests:
Krystina Alabado
Lauren Elder
Jason Gotay
Grasan Kingsberry
Angie Schworer

The Bowery Boys (listen here)
Greg Young and Tom Meyers

Piano/Arrangements/Additional History/General Brilliance:
Jasper Grant

Rehearsal Reports: Jesse Swimm #1



You've got us - Ensemblist HQ is just a massive collection of Google Docs shared between the staff, but that doesn't mean that fall isn't truly underway over here! We love fall. Okay, we just love how cute we look in cozy sweaters, but can you blame us? Everyone looks cute in cozy sweaters.

Cozy sweaters aside, fall means a new Broadway season full of new shows and ensemblists to celebrate! Yay! So we wanted to introduce you to your next Rehearsal Reports correspondent - School of Rock swing Jesse Swimm!

School of Rock is Jesse's second Broadway show (Mary Poppins was the first), and he's chomping at the bit to tell you all about what it's like to be in the room creating a brand new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical! Get to know Jesse in his first installment, and stay tuned for more!

Rehearsal Reports: Alex Wyse #3



Alex Wyse generously lends his voice (and the beautiful voices of his Spring Awakening castmates- just keep listening!) to this week's installment of Rehearsal Reports.

Tech and previews are so many things: tiring, exhilarating, exhausting, thrilling- they run the emotional gamut, sometimes several times in a day! We're so grateful for Alex's honesty, wit, and humor while the process is underway. Yay, Alex!

#57: Actors’ Equity Association



In our continuing series of figuring out how to answer the totally amazing (and hard!) questions you, our faithful/gorgeous/talented listeners have been sending in, we bring you this episode about Actors' Equity Association. We've gotten more than a few questions about this one, so we called upon three fabulous AEA Councillors to break down the modern history of our union, how membership in the union has helped them out when things have gotten rough, and what they see for the future of AEA.

Plus, we make contract negotiations and pension plans sound sexy. Don't believe us? Press play.

Our Guests:
James Ludwig (Spamalot, Little Shop of Horrors)
Paige Price (Beauty and the Beast, Smokey Joe's Cafe, Saturday Night Fever)
Jason A. Quinn (A Tale of Two Cities)

Rehearsal Reports: Alex Wyse #2



We're back with another installment of Rehearsal Reports with Alex Wyse! The past two weeks have been really busy for the Spring Awakening team: press events, designer runs, tech, AND the beginning of previews! We're exhausted just thinking about it!

There's some really special audio from a music rehearsal in this one, too - you'll DEFINITELY want to give that a listen! Enjoy!

Also: Our live show at 54 Below with The Bowery Boys is TONIGHT (Sept. 13) at 7:00 and 9:30p! Come on down and hear really cool people sing really great music, tell stories, and wrap it all up in a history bow! We want to see you there!

#56: College (or, There’s No One Way To Broadway) pt.2



We're back to school (or not) with the second part of this episode! You'll meet a new crop of Broadway folks, hear about their journeys to the Great White Way, and the educational experiences that got them there, whether in college or not. We love it!

Part 2 Guests:
Hayley Podschun (Wicked (Tour), Chaplin, Anything Goes, Pal Joey, Sunday In The Park With George, Hairspray (Bway and Natl. Tour), The Sound of Music)
Jed Resnick (Avenue Q)
Matthew Steffens (Doctor Zhivago, Promises Promises, Women on the Verge…)
Marisha Wallace
(Aladdin, Something Rotten

ALSO: Don't forget to grab your tickets to our live show at 54 Below on Sunday, September 13! You've got two chances to hear us, The Bowery Boys, and a lineup of STELLAR ensemblists! Get your tickets NOW by clicking on this link: 54below.com. We can't wait to see you there!

Rehearsal Reports: Alex Wyse #1



Over here at Ensemblist HQ, we've been trying to come up with an answer to one of our most frequently asked questions: what is the rehearsal process like for a Broadway show? Since every rehearsal process is so different, we had a hard time trying to figure out HOW to answer that question - until now.

We present to you, faithful and patient listeners, a new miniseries called Rehearsal Reports! We're going to join an ensemblist from a show currently in rehearsal, and get the real inside scoop on what it really feels like to put up a Broadway show!

Our first contributor is Spring Awakening’s Alex Wyse. Since rehearsals began, Alex has been sending us weekly voice memos answering our questions about his experience in rehearsal. We think you'll like this one and can't wait for you to hear it!

#55: College (or, There’s No One Way To Broadway) pt.1



It's getting to be that Back-To-School time, and we here at The Ensemblist thought we'd celebrate the new school year with this two-parter! We get so many questions about educational experiences, where to go to school, and what the Right Way To Broadway might be for an aspiring performer...

However, friends, as you'll hear: There's no one way to Broadway. And we've put together a really special group of guests to talk about their college (or not-college) experiences! We can't wait for you to hear what they've got to say.

Part 1 Guests:
Kristine Covillo (West Side Story, Evita, On the Town)
Garett Hawe (Matilda, Newsies, Mary Poppins)
Matt Rosell (Les Miserables)

The Ensemblist Unedited: Cynthia Onrubia



This one's short- but pretty great, listeners. Cynthia Onrubia gave us so many beautiful gems from her interview for the Chorus Line episode that we gathered them up and made a fabulous necklace for you all!

Okay, well, we don't have the budget for fabulous necklaces for everyone, but we do have this great Unedited episode with the incredibly talented, accomplished, smart, and awesome Cynthia Onrubia!

The Ensemblist #54: A Chorus Line



You know it. We know it. It's the show that changed the way musicals were written, what they could be about, and who could star in them. It blew the roof off the art form. It's the ultimate ensemblist show.

But today on The Ensemblist, we're not going to delve so far into the history here. Countless volumes have been written on the history of A Chorus Line, by everyone from actual historians to the people who were in the room from the very beginning. There's no way we can talk about that history in a way that doesn't already exist.

What we CAN do, and what we're proud to do, is bring you the stories of three individual dancers and their experience with the show that changed it all. You'll hear about their audition process for the show about an audition, their favorite moments to perform, and why they think A Chorus Line stays so relevant, no matter what year it is.

Our Guests:
E. Clayton Cornelious (The Lion King, Kat and the Kings, The Music Man, A Chorus Line, The Scottsboro Boys, Wonderland, Beautiful: The Carole King Musical)
Murphy Cross (A Chorus Line, Bubbling Brown Sugar, Pal Joey, Division Street, Jay Johnson: The Two and Only)
Cynthia Onrubia (A Chorus Line, Dancin', Cats, Song and Dance, Jerome Robbins' Broadway, Metro, The Goodbye Girl, Damn Yankees, Victor/Victoria, Cabaret, Little Me, Dame Edna: The Royal Tour, Cabaret)

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