#72: Creating Characters



Sometimes, the most fun (and challenging) thing about ensemble work is playing all sorts of different characters throughout a single show! You can be anything from the fanciest royal personage to an anthropomorphic inanimate object and do a cross as a townsperson or two- all in the same day's work. We sat down with truly awesome Broadway ensemblists Jennifer Smith, Gabrielle Ruiz, and Jeremy Woodard and talked to them about how they like to create their characters, some memorable onstage experiences, and why it's so much fun.

Unedited: Broadway Debuts, pt.2



You know how we love our debut stories, and this latest crop of ensemblists definitely doesn't disappoint with theirs! Listen as J. Austin Eyer, Briana Carlson-Goodman, F. Michael Haynie, and Georgia Stitt share hilarious, embarrassing, touching, beautiful stories all about working on Broadway for the very first time.

#71: Pre-Production



This week, we dive into another much-talked-about but rarely-dissected aspect of putting up a Broadway show: Pre-Production. It's that nebulous time before rehearsals begin where the choreography team gets in a room with some willing dancers to throw theoretical Broadway spaghetti at the wall. It's fun, it's crazy, it's occasionally an emotional journey, and mega-accomplished talents Paige Faure, Dionne Figgins, and Adam Perry are going to break it all down for us. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Reports: Sydney Morton #2



Have you been DYING (get it? dying? anyone? cool cool, it's cool, we'll go now) to know how tech and previews for American Psycho have been going? Well, don't worry- we've got the goods here for you this week with Sydney Morton's Rehearsal Report! Crazy fun things have been happening over at the Schoenfeld! Enjoy!

#70: Replacements, Again!



We're breaking down this most essential of Essentials again - the process of being hired as a replacement in Broadway show! We sat down with three Broadway vets who each have very different experiences replacing in shows. Hear Polly Baird, Lauralyn McClelland, and André Ward talk about how they learn their tracks, figure out their backstage traffic, and settle into an already-established company. Enjoy!

The Ensemblist Unedited: Cameron Adams



 We're celebrating the wonderful Cameron Adams: ensemblist extraordinaire, 2015 Ensemblist Award winner, and possessor of the biggest heart on Broadway! Listen to her wax poetic on some great stories, the people who inspire her, what she loves about the Broadway community, and how she stays sane when everything's crazy.

#69: Swings, Again!



We're revisiting one of our favorite topics - SWINGS. WE LOVE SWINGS. We love them so much, we know we used all-caps there and we don't care who knows it.

These multitalented performers somehow juggle all the things, all the people, all the traffic patterns, specialty choreography, and partnering for up to fifteen individual tracks - and they somehow make it look easy and effortless, so the audience is none the wiser. We sat down with three of Broadway's best (Leslie Donna Flesner, Rommy Sandhu, and Matt Wall) and got every little detail about everything it takes to do the hardest job on the Great White Way. Enjoy!

Our Announcement!



We were hinting at an announcement on the social media the other day (If you don't follow us on all the social media, you should. We are HILARIOUS.), and here it is! Don't worry, we're back next week with another peek behind the proverbial Broadway curtain, but until then, find out what's next for Team Ensemblist!

Rehearsal Reports: Sydney Morton #1



Rehearsal Reports is BACK! We're so excited to join American Psycho on their journey to Broadway with our newest contributor, the fabulous Sydney Morton! Sydney has been sending us voice memos detailing her favorite moments from rehearsal, and we can't wait for you to hear them!

#68: Spotlight On: The Music Department!



This one makes our hearts sing- and luckily, these three legendary guests will make sure we're in tune, on time and on budget while we do it. The music department is VITAL to making a Broadway musical run- but what exactly does that entail? Who are all of those people making sure everyone onstage knows what notes to sing, which instruments in the pit play those parts, which people should play those instruments in the pit?? And who's in charge of all of that so the curtain goes up at 8:07?!

We sat down with Mary-Mitchell Campbell, John Miller, and Jonathan Tunick- and they took us on a magical ride through the ever-complex music department, how they discovered musical theatre, what they love about their work, and their favorite things about Broadway. Enjoy!

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