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Coming Soon….Season 4!



Didja miss us?


We thought so. We missed you.


Take a tiny sneak peek at what we've been working on for Season 4, winging its way into your ears starting October 1!


We're really excited, and we hope you are, too!




HO-LY BANANAS, GUYS! We've done it. We've gone and made one HUNDRED of these full-length episodes. We're so incredibly grateful to you, our dear friends, for sticking with us over these past four years. And to celebrate, it's just Team Ensemblist (#TeamEnsemblist) talking our own origin story: where we began, how we're doing, and where we're going.

Thank you thank you thank you, from the bottom of our hearts to the tops of our ranges.

With love,

Mo, Nikka, Chad, Jackson, and Kevin


#99: Broadway in Bryant Park



Oh, it's one of the most fun summer events for the Broadway community AND the public to come together! It's Broadway in Bryant Park, the once-weekly summer lunchtime concerts that happen out in the open in the park, for anyone and everyone who happens to be passing by! Hear our friends Rema Webb, Casey Garvin, and Travis Waldschmidt discuss their favorite things about Broadway in Bryant Park, what it's like putting together their numbers, and everything else involved in this beloved summertime tradition. Enjoy!

#98: Broadway Sports



Yeah, you heard us right. Broadway Sports. Though us Broadway-type-folk are mostly known for being...well...not so sporty, there are actually a great many people who wait eagerly for summer and the Broadway Softball League! In the winter, they wait just as eagerly for Broadway Bowling. Hear our friends Linda Mugelston, Travis Waldschmidt, Casey Garvin, and Jamal Lee Harris talk about their favorite Broadway Sports traditions and why it's fun to do something different with your castmates. Enjoy!

#97: Spring Roundtable With Everyone!



To borrow some nomenclature from The Nerdist, we've got some hostful goodness here for you today! Want to hear about all the shows we saw this season and what we thought of them, their use of ensembles, and our favorite performances? Want to hear Kevin, Chad, and Jackson be adorable and charming? Wanna hear Nikka and Mo be nerds?

(wait. you always hear that.) 


#96: Spotlight On: Animal Trainers



Yay! More puppies! You previously met our friend Brian Michael Hoffman a few episodes earlier this season, where he talked to us about his parallel careers as an actor and an animal trainer. In this episode, we zoom in a little closer on the animal training aspect of Brian's life and career working for William Berloni Theatrical Animals. We find out Brian's path to animal training, what it takes to train an animal for the stage, and his favorite parts of the job. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Reports: Jessica Lea Patty #3



We're back with Bandstand ensemblist Jessica Lea Patty and her final rehearsal report! The show is frozen, the press has come, and we wish them a long and healthy run! Want to know what happened up until that zero hour? You've gotta listen to find out. Enjoy!

#95: Awards Season



You think awards season just means the Tony Awards? Hooooo boy, you've got another think coming! Being an ensemblist in a new show during the spring season is about way more than just getting organized for Broadway's biggest night! Listen along as Jenifer Foote, Tyler Hanes, Rema Webb, and Paul HeeSang Miller take us through the whirlwind that is Awards Season - and why, despite the fact that the stakes are so high, the biggest competitions don't feel that way at all (because the Broadway Community is such an incredible thing)! Enjoy!

#94: Activism



We in the theatre community are not known as a bunch who shy away from getting stuff done. We believe in standing up, speaking out, and using our voices to raise each other up. Theatre helps us heal, it shines a light on problems we face as a society, and it gives us a platform to make the world a better place. Listen as Anastacia McCleskey, Eric Ulloa, and Rema Webb tell us about causes they fight for, ways they stand up, and why artists as activists are the norm more than the exception. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Reports: Jessica Lea Patty #2



Our dear friend Jess is back and breaking down the Bandstand process for you, our lovely Ensemblist fam! Jess gets the scoop from her castmates, lets us listen in on some more band goodness, and shares it all with us. Enjoy!

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