#85: Hamilton



Well, friends, we've done it! We have finally reached the most recent Pulitzer Prize winner, Hamilton. And because there has been so much press on this groundbreaking show, we had to find a new way in. And with the help of the brilliant Sasha Hutchings and Neil Haskell, we're looking at Hamilton from the front lines, as it were. As we're wont to do, we break it down from the ensemble's point of view, and talk about Hamilton in a whole new way. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Reports: Erica Dorfler #3



We've reached the end of our Fall 2016 Rehearsal Reports! Thank you to the amazing Erica Dorfler and everyone at Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 for being so open and letting us peek into this one-of-a-kind theatrical experience. 

Listen to Erica talk about finally freezing the show, the fun of opening night and the Gypsy Robe ceremony, and everything in between as the show finally opens! Enjoy!

#84: Next to Normal



We assembled some pretty brilliant folks to talk about this brilliant show. Hear Adam Chanler-Berat, Pearl Sun, Michael Berresse, and Michael McElroy talk about how a show with only six cast members can make an ensemble, the trust that's needed to tell this story, and why Next to Normal is forever relevant. Enjoy!

#83: RENT



It's time to measure our lives in love, meditate on the power of standing up for what we believe in, and do it all with a healthy dose of rock 'n roll. Because, as the song goes, everything is RENT, and RENT is everything to us. Hear from Adam Chanler-Berat and Michael McElroy as they talk about the show that swept the '90s and inspired an entire generation of musical theatre artists. Enjoy!

#82: Sunday In The Park With George



We may not be able to tell you who George was at the zoo with (the monkeys and WHO, George?), but we can dive into the unbelievable masterpiece that is Stephen Sondheim and James Lapine's Sunday In The Park With George. 

With guests John Jellison, Adam Chanler-Berat, and a special appearance by Brynn O'Malley and Mary Beth Peil from the archives, we talk about art, life, humanity, love, finding yourself, perfection, making musical theatre, and how they all intersect. Enjoy!

Rehearsal Reports: Erica Dorfler #2



Try and try and try as we might, we cannot find an "I'M.IN.TECH." gif. If you are so inclined to make and send us one, we would be eternally grateful...

Because, y'all, Erica Dorfler is IN.TECH. Listen to her latest Rehearsal Report to find out what happens when the hypothetical rehearsal room tape becomes real floor and stairs and props, making changes at lightning speed, and running a number a little toooooo fast. Enjoy!

#81: A Chorus Line



Well, friends, we've arrived. It's the ensemblist show of all ensemblist shows. With music by Marvin Hamlisch, lyrics by Edward Kleban and a book by James Kirkwood, Jr. and Nicholas Dante, A Chorus Line distills the experience of fighting for what you love, going after what you believe in, and being exactly who you are the whole time, no matter what. Universal themes, yes, but through a specific Broadway lens. Clearly, our love for this masterpiece runs DEEP. We sat down with Michael Berresse, Mara Davi, and Catherine Ricafort to talk about why this show is so special, so relevant, and so worthy of the Pulitzer. Enjoy!

#80: How To Succeed In Business (Without Really Trying)



Do you want all the secrets to climbing the ladder of success, creating a hit Broadway musical, and garnering tons of awards and accolades, all while challenging gender stereotypes, satirizing corporate culture, and making sure the audience leaves the theatre humming?

Look no further than How To Succeed. We sat down with Jeffry Denman, JoAnn Hunter, and Cleve Asbury, and they gave us the scoop on process, product, the evolution of Broadway revivals, and more. Enjoy!

#79: Fiorello!



We're jumping right into the Mayor's office with our next Pulitzer winner - Fiorello! - all about the life and career of one of NYC's most legendary mayors. Join us, Jennifer Ashley Tepper, Kevin Ligon, and Kelsey Ryan Moore as we discuss satire, humor, artistic liberty, separating fact from fiction, and why we love NYC. Enjoy!

#78: Containing Multitudes, part 4



Can you believe we're on our FOURTH installment of the Containing Multitudes series? It's almost as if there are ENDLESS ways to balance a career in show business with outside passions, other creative pursuits, and giving back! We said endless. We didn't say they were easy. Take a listen as the utterly inspiring and amazing Catherine Ricafort, Michael Berresse, and Michael McElroy talk about the multitudes they contain, why they contain them, and what they do to strike the balance between artist and human.

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