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The Ensemblist
The Ensemblist #45: Parallel Careers

The Ensemblist #45: Parallel Careers

March 22, 2015

It may seem like performing on Broadway is THE dream come true- the pinnacle of career achievement. And while that might partly be true, we know that so many of Broadway’s best and brightest break the boxes they’re put in, and have many passions that grow right alongside performance pursuits. On the most recent episode of “The Ensemblist,” Nikka and Mo interview three Broadway performers who not only juggle daily responsibilities and a performance schedule, but also maintained entirely different occupations as well. Guests Susan Blackwell, Jennifer Dunne, and Phillip Spaeth reveal how they discovered their parallel passions and how they feed and inspire their lives, both onstage and off.

Our Guests: 
Susan Blackwell ([title of show])
Jennifer Dunne (Oklahoma, Curtains, Chicago)
Phillip Spaeth (Wicked, West Side Story, Women on the Verge, Matilda)
The Ensemblist #44: Life On Tour

The Ensemblist #44: Life On Tour

March 8, 2015

Each year, major theatrical productions travel all across North America, bringing the magic of Broadway to theatregoers who can’t get to New York City. Whether opening a new company or joining a show that has already completed its Broadway run, life on tour is a crazy experience all on its own, with different challenges at each stop along the way. Guests Ryan Jackson, Rachel Rincione, and Kirsten Wyatt share their experiences with constantly opening and closing the same show as they travel from city to city.


Our Guests:

Ryan Jackson (Wicked)

Rachel Rincione (Les Misérables

Kirsten Wyatt (A Christmas Story, Urinetown, The Boy Friend