UA-40868602-1 The Ensemblist #8: Out of Town Tryouts
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The Ensemblist #8: Out of Town Tryouts

October 6, 2013

In This Episode

After the workshops, readings, and labs, but before a new show comes to Broadway, it will often have another complete production first. It looks and feels like a Broadway show- sets, lights, costumes, the works. The difference? It’s not on Broadway. It’s in another city: Boston, Chicago, Seattle, La Jolla… Doing a full production of the musical before it hits Midtown allows the show to work out some of the kinks before facing New York critics.

But what does all of this mean for a performer? And why would Broadway actors leave their homes and/or their long-running shows on the chance that these out of town tryouts would make it to the Great White Way? 

The "Out of Town Tryouts" episode of The Ensemblist features interviews with three performers who have been through this experience in another city: Aaron Albano (Newsies, Wicked, A Chorus Line, Spelling Bee, Bombay Dreams, Mary Poppins), Vicki Noon (First Date, Wicked), and Sarrah Strimel (Big Fish, Catch Me If You Can, Rock of Ages, Young Frankenstein, The Producers).

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